Reinventing the world with

smarter ideas Do you have a smart idea?

What do we do?

Our company deals with the implementation of patents and innovations.

We mediate sales and promote unique technologies at local and international levels.

We create a platform for bringing innovations to the market enabling you to create more effective business environment.

Please see our services.

How can we help?

We will help you to select, assess and directly represent your inventions in business, marketing, law, finance, administration and other areas.

We used to start like you. We know how difficult it is to bring new innovations and technologies to life without previous experience.

Let us bring your ideas to life!

Why to use TEQIN?

1. We are experienced in marketing of innovations throughout our long history.

2. We provide
complete services from financing to intial prototypes.

3. We will reach your
target audience and connect customers to your business.

We used to start like you - we know the worlds of research, development and innovations. 

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