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Tradition, knowledge and long-term experience during the process of realization of patents and innovations have resulted in our establishment of a company that will respect the needs of inventors and holders of intellectual property. Our team of experts from different backgrounds and professions has been formed in order to promote discoveries and smart ideas to the marketplace. Jiří Pištělák, Petr Mikšovič, Václav Salač and Stanislav Žák therefore have established this joint stock company, TEQIN.

The history of TEQIN dates back to the first half of the 20th century, when academic painter Jiří Stadic Pištělák met with with chemist Milan Popelka, who was interested in restoration of the old masters' techniques of glazes. Milan Popelka had already been well-known chemist - from the age of 14 he taught university chemistry. He was a pupil of famed scientist Bohuslav Brauner, who closely co-operated with genial Russian scholar D.I. Mendeleev, known for his table of the chemical elements.

Jiří Stadic Pištělák's son, Jiří Pištělák, was a student of Milan Popelka. From 1983 to 1989, he was focused on applied research and development of secondary usage of waste materials in the plastics industry in the Czechoslovakian company Teplotechna. In 1990, Jiří Pištělák with Milan Popelka established their company IZOL-PLASTIK and started joint manufacturing of new types of plastics called IZOLPLAST. In 1995, Milan Popelka retired and Jiří Pištělák took over the leadership of the company.

Currently, TEQIN directly represents the advanced technology and products of IZOL-PLASTIK and it is the exclusive representative of RNDr. Ing. Milan Popelka's patents. Despite his old age of 89, Dr. Popelka still continues to work in innovation, research and development.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a sought-after partner for marketing and implementation of innovations to the market. We help to reinvent the world with smarter ideas. We bring innovations to public and link science and technology with human needs. We help move vision into reality.

See our services. We believe that discovery is successful only when you bring the idea to an actual user. 

Environmental Protection

TEQIN systematically incorporates environmental protection in all aspects of our businesses.

Care for the environment is directly incorporated into our business strategy. Our socially responsible behavior is based on the principle of sustainable development while fulfilling the current needs of society without compromising the chances of future generations to meet their own needs.


Since 2010 TEQIN is member of Brno regional chamber of commerce


June 7-8 our representatives were taking part of Business Matchmaking Forum in Moscow


May 25-27 TEQIN had an exhibition of our products during the 17th International Engineering Fair held in Agrokomplex Nitra, Slovakia










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