Our final products are commodities, which follow special non-waste technology for processing DMT resin.

Final products are divided on special waterproofing materials and protective coating systemsUnique attributes of these products allow us to offer them to the most demanding users.

waste technology and more than forty years of experience in development and application of our products clearly define the gap between our potential competitors.


Since 1974, our waterproofing materials have been applied to the flat roofs (especially industrial buildings), buildings and residential buildings in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Bulgaria in the extent of more than 1 million square meters.

 specially developed waterproofing systems allow application from sectional adjustments to the overall regenerationPerfect adhesion to all building substrates including metal and concrete structures. Easy workability even in extreme climates from -20°C to + 50°C and with high humidity.

Before 1990, our materials have been used by the monopoly supplier of hydroisolation products informer Czechoslovakia.


Special plastic-based technology with excellent elasticity and adhesionSpecial anti-corrosion effects and long durability. Materials are able to eliminate the expansion in construction.

Protective coating systems are usefor long-term protection of steel structures. Applied mainly in the construction and energy industry.

Since 2000, our products are used by major companies in the Czech Rebublic and Slovak Republic, such as ČEZ, a.s., ČEPS, a.s., SEPS, a.s., Eltodo, a.s., EG, a.s., SSE, a.s., Elektrovod, a.s., Bratislava Transport Company, Siemens Bratislava, Slovak power plants and other.

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