Unique non-waste technology that is capable of handling a secondary raw material DMT (Dimethyl terephtalate), which arises as waste product in the production of polyester in the textile industry

This waste is currently disposed of by incineration or chemical landfill for disposal. For such a methods of waste disposal are spent high amounts of money and moreover, this method contributes to significant outdoor air pollution and environmental burden.

Through our technology we are able to
solve this problem efficiently

We try to give some basic idea in the following example

tons of DMT resin
+ 1000 tons of ORGANOSOL (Know-how TEQIN a.s.)
= 2000 tons of waste-free final products  

Our non-waste technology is based on forty years of research and development and is the only of its kind worldwide.

resin is the basic raw material for the production of resulting final products - protective coating systems and special waterproofing materialsThe final products are widely used in practice, especially in  construction and energy industries.

Long-term experience with the development and application of these material 
complete our overall know-how.


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